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Innovative Dual Input Learning

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Interactive Experience

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Content Compatibility

Import from various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Linkedin


Expand Vocabulary

Instantly look up and learn new words

Speech Ninjas

Navigating the World of Spontaneous Conversations

  • Difficulty in catching words in real-life speech?
  • No listening skills equals no effective communication?
  • Spend 600-700 hours to understand day-to-day dialogues?
  • Challenges in practicing with relevant vocabulary?
Speech Ninjas

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Sample language clips with interactive transcript features

Speech Ninjas

Rapid and Effective Language Mastery

Language Barriers Broken with SpeechNinjas

The feature to import content from platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn is fantastic. It allows me to practice with videos I enjoy. But sometimes, the imported transcripts have synchronization issues. It would be great if this could be improved.

Alexander Wright

Feedback on Dual Input Learning: "The 'Hear It, Read It, Master It' approach has truly transformed the way I learn languages. It's incredible how effectively I can now understand and remember new phrases. However, I noticed that some of the audio clips don't match the transcripts perfectly. Aligning these more closely would enhance the learning experience.

Daniel Kim

The Interactive Experience in the Solution Section is a game-changer. Being able to control playback and focus on challenging words has significantly improved my listening skills. However, I wish there were more language options available.

Aisha Rahman

Being able to control the playback and focus on challenging words is a standout feature. It helps me concentrate on my weak areas. I'd suggest adding a feature that allows users to set specific goals and tracks their progress against these objectives. This personalized goal-setting could further tailor the learning experience to individual needs.

Isabella Torres

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