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Who Are We

Professional developers and providers of speech recognition solutions

Speech Ninjas is a team of experienced experts obsessed with speech recognition technologies working on different markets, countries with the total experience of more than 30 years. On the media monitoring market of Ukraine, we are the leaders in providing speech recognition solutions. We constantly developing our solutions for existing clients and wider our services on other markets for: media monitoring companies, journalists, radio, and other. 

What Do We Provide

We provide a wide range of speech recognition services and solutions for customers from different industries. It includes not only recognition but as to clients’ wish storage, consulting, clients support. Our difference from solutions existing on the market is that our solutions are perfectly adaptive for client needs and affordable.
We already recognized in English, German, Spanish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian languages, and our important feature – mixing of Ukrainian and Russian in one speech


We provide different speech recognition solutions according to client needs for different markets

TV, Youtube, Video, Media

Content recognision for media monitoring analysis

Radio, Audio files&records

Radio content recognition, audio file interview recognition for journalists

Call Centers integration

Processing of call centers records for their work evaluation

CRM Integration & Industrial solutions

Other industrial solutions

Examples of our solutions

Examples of our solutions for video

Video content recognition

  • online stream, TV
  • Youtube, Url
  • uploaded video files from Pc, Mobile, Tablet resources

To: media monitoring, video interview processing 

Examples of our solutions for audio

Voice track recognition

  • radio files
  • voice recorders files
  • uploaded MP3/other audio files from Pc, Mobile, Tablet resources

To: voice interview, radio speech processing, call center phone records

How Does We Do This

Our solutions relying on our own speech recognition models and linguistic models which constantly are being educated bringing new domains in multiple languages and industries. For that, we also add advanced technologies and technical solutions: AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning.
All this is 100% in-house R&D.